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What I’m Watching: FRINGE Season One

I have just become acquainted with the science-fiction television show Fringe, which is currently in its fifth and final season on Fox.  After watching the pilot episode, it seems to be exactly the type of science-fiction storytelling that I am interested in, so I want to share what I think of it.

Fringe deals with fringe science, scientific pursuits that are not real but are based on real scientific ideas, much like many ideas in hard science fiction.  The three primary characters of the show are Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Walter Bishop (John Noble), and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson).

In the pilot episode, Dunham’s FBI partner (Agent Scott) is exposed to a chemical which crystallizes his flesh and sends him into a coma.  Dunham recruits Dr. Bishop, a scientist living in a mental institution, to help her save him.  Dr. Bishop’s son Peter is needed to get him out of the institution, bringing the three characters together for the first time.  They send Dunham into drug-induced unconsciousness and syncs her brainwaves with her partners, letting her see into his memory and identify his attacker.  The chemicals are linked to a company called Massive Dynamic, founded by Dr. Bishop’s former lab partner.  Once Scott is cured using the information, Dunham discovers that Scott was involved with Massive Dynamic and these chemicals, but before she can get to him he kills his original attacker before he can give any more information away.  Scott is killed in a car accident in his attempt to get away from Dunham.  The competition between Dr. Bishop and the Fringe group and Massive Dynamic is an integral part of the series.

Once I have time to watch the rest of the first season I will post what I think.  Let me know your opinion on Fringe if you’re already a fan.

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