"No less a critic than C. S. Lewis has described the ravenous addiction that these magazines inspired; the same phenomenon has led me to call science fiction the only genuine consciousness-expanding drug." Arthur C. Clarke

About Me

I am a professionally writing student at the University of Oklahoma and I want to start publishing and promoting my work.  I specialize in science fiction and historical fiction, sometimes mixing both.

I’m working on a project currently that spans a very long timeline and combines both historical fiction and science fiction.  Many of the short stories I have already written (and will be posted on here) fall into this timeline very subtly and it will not necessarily be obvious immediately that they do.  As well, I am working on a novel that more or less introduces the entire setting for this timeline as well as tells a major story from it.

I hope you enjoy reading my writing as much as I have enjoyed writing most of it.  Please feel free to leave comments, but this particular blog does not fall under the First Amendment and as such some comments may be edited or not published publicly.  Do not let this deter you, however; I will only delete such comments as I would not show my grandmother.  Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Oh, and by the way, all parts of this blog are copyright ©Kayle Dylan Hodges.  If I find anything I remember writing somewhere I didn’t put it, it’s going down.


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