"No less a critic than C. S. Lewis has described the ravenous addiction that these magazines inspired; the same phenomenon has led me to call science fiction the only genuine consciousness-expanding drug." Arthur C. Clarke

Top Science Fiction Films of 2012 #9: TOTAL RECALL

Total Recall, slated for an August 3 release, is a remake of the popular 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film and is based on the Philip K Dick short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” (1966).  The film stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, Brian Cranston, and John Cho, and is directed by Len Wiseman (of Underworld and Live Free or Die Hard fame).

Total Recall 2012

The film, set in the year 2084 in a dystopian world controlled by two states called Euroamerica and New Shanghai, includes many more political overtones than the original.  The main character (Farrell) begins to have violent nightmares and suspects that he is a spy that has had his memory replaced, but he does not know which side he is supposed to be on or anything else.  Biel plays a freedom fighter/prostitute he teams up with, Beckinsale plays his wife, and Cranston as the President of Euroamerica.

As has been the trend lately, this is another high-effect remake of a fairly old film.  It seems as if Hollywood cannot come up with many new storylines, as remakes have constituted a good majority of films made since 2000.  This seems like another in a long line.

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